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Minor Grants:Grants of up to £2,000 are available all the year round for local groups and organisations.  Visit our Grants Page for details

Grants Page for details.

We are not permitted to make grants to individuals and never respond to unsolicited applications for grants

If you're looking for information about the transformation of the area since 1981, and current developments, visit our Royal Docks - development update, Royal Docks History and Regeneration - links and contacts pages.  You will find a wealth of information and many useful links

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The Royal Docks Trust (London) was established and registered as a charity in March 1995. It works to provide community benefits to the Docklands part of Newham between the A13 and the River Thames. 

The Trust is structured to ensure its Board is representative of local businesses, community organisations and residents as well as members appointed by Newham Council.

Grants Programmes: Grants Programmes: The Trust uses the income from its core endowment to fund an annual "main" community grants programme. Minor grants, up to £2,000, are available all the year round.  The grants programme is administered by the Trust.

Projects: The Trust also has the income earned on funds left with the Trust by the former London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) to implement some of their unfulfilled social projects and also from the community lands where the LDDC left the freehold interest wih the Trust when it was wound up in 1998. The Trust uses these unrestricted funds for a variety of local ventures, often in pertnership with other agencies

Into the future: The ongoing regeneration of Newham's Docklands presents many opportunities for the Trust, and for those who are working with it, to ensure that local communities contribute to the ongoing regeneration of the area and benefit from it. Again the keynote will be partnership with Newham Council and other local agancies, as well as developers.


The Main Grants programme for 2014/15 has now been approved


The Royal Docks Trust (London)

Registered in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee: Registration No: 3032232
Registered as a charity: Registration No: 1045057
Registered office: 37 Rushey Green, Catford, London SE6 4AF