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THE Trust still receives requests for information from those interested in the former London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) and the regeneration of Docklands area.

Although the Trust administers a £2.7m endowment left by the LDDC for the continued running of a community grants programme in the Trust's area (jointly with the local authority), and still holds funds for a number of projects which LDDC was unable to complete before its demise, it is not the residuary authority for the area; nor is it the custodian of archive material from the former LDDC.

The following information may be of help to those searching for information.

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Royal Docks - a brief history

Follow this link for a short history of the Royal Docks

The LDDC - Background Note

Follow this link for a short note about the the LDDC for short note about the the LDDC written by a former officer who served the Corporation throughout the whole of its operational life. Logo

LDDC Monographs

On the approach to its winding up in 1998 the LDDC published its Regeneration Statement and nine monographs describing its work and achievements in the principal fields in which it operated. As a service to students these have been reproduced in HTML format and and are available at LDDC History Pages:-

Regeneration Statement
Initiating Urban Change - London Docklands before the LDDC
Starting from Scratch - The Development of Transport in London Docklands
A Strategy for Regeneration - The Planning and Development Strategy of the LDDC
Attracting Investment Creating Value - Establishing a Property Market in London Docklands
Employment: New Jobs and Opportunities - The Employment Strategy of the LDDC
Regeneration and the Arts in London Docklands
Housing in the Renewed London Docklands - A Major Contribution to Capital Living
Learning to Work and Live Together - The LDDC and the Local Communities
Laying the Foundations for Regeneration - Engineering in London Docklands

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Completion Booklets

The LDDC withdrew from its area by stages starting with Bermondsey Riverside on 30th October 1994 and ending with the Royal Docks 31st March 1998. As each area was "de-designated" the Corporation published a booklet with a brief history of the area and of the LDDC's work there. These are also available at LDDC History Pages as follows:-

  Area Date of De-designation
Bermondsey Riverside 30th October 1994
Beckton 31st December 1995
Surrey Docks 20th December 1996
Wapping and Limehouse 31st January 1997
Isle of Dogs 10th October 1997
Royal Docks 31st March 1998
(Note: The LDDC's Monographs and Completion Booklets are reproduced by kind permission of the Commission for the New Towns now known as English Partnerships. They are published for general interest and research purposes only and may not be reproduced for other purposes except with the permission of English Partnerships who now hold the copyright of LDDC publications.)


DETR Studies

In 1997/98 the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) commissioned an evaluation of the LDDC by Cambridge Policy Consultants Ltd. This followed an earlier baseline report undertaken by consultants PriceWaterhouse. Summaries of these reports are available on the DETR's website:-

DETR Research Summary No.16 - "Regenerating London Docklands"

DETR Research Summary No.12 - Baseline Study: "The Condition of London Docklands in 1981"

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NAO Report - How European Cities Achieve Renaissance

In 2007 the National Audit Office carried out a study of how central government departments work with each other and with regional and local bodies to deliver the Government's ambitious aspirations for the Thames Gateway. As part of this study the NAO explored how seven European cities or regions have tackled regeneration and brrought sustainable growth and renewal to local communities. Brief summaries of these companion studies are published in the NAO publication How European Cities Achieve Renaissance. Among the short reports, on pages 21-28, is one on the LDDC's work in London Docklands.

The report of the main studyThe Thames Gateway: Laying the Foundation is also well worth a read. There is also an Executive Summary

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ON de-designation of the former Urban Development Area administered by the LDDC, the planning functions and the records associated with them devolved upon the three local councils, i.e. the London Boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets and Southwark:


Environment Department
London Borough of Newham
Town Hall Annexe
Barking Road
E6 2RP

Tel: 020 8472 1430


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Tower HamletsTower Hamlets Logo

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BG

Tel: 020 7364 5000


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SouthwarkSouthwark Logo

Regeneration and Environment Department
London Borough of Southwark
Chiltern House
Portland Street
SE17 2ES

Tel: 020 7525 5404


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THE general residuary body of the LDDC was the Commission for the New Towns which which in due course was incorporated into English Partnerships - whihc was billed as the "national regeneration agency which seeks to support high quality sustainable growth in England". Since then English Partnerships have been incorporated into Homes and Communities Agency. The address of the office responsible for the ordinary residue of the LDDC's responsibilities, and its archives, is as follows:-

Homes and Communities Agency
Central Business Exchange
414-428 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes

Tel: 01908 692692
Fax: 01908 69133


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In the Royal Docks, English Partnerships took over the LDDC's remaining land for development. They  established a local Project Office operated in partnership with the London Borough of Newham. In July 2000, the interests, assets and liabilities of English Partnerships in the London region transferred to the new London Development Agency (LDA).   Click here for a brief note about the Royal Docks development and the work of the LDA. Contact details for the LDA are as follow:

Public Liaison Unit
London Development Agency
197 Blackfriars Road

Tel: 020 7593 9000


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The London Thames Gateway Development Corporationan is an urban development corporation set up in 2005 to secure the redevelopment of two East London areas in the Thames Gateway within Greater Lonson including part of the Royal Docks.

9th Floor
South Quay Plaza 3
189 Marsh Wall
E14 9SH

Tel: 020 7517 4730
Fax: 0207 517 4778


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DLR Logo


ANOTHER body pivotal to the regeneration of the Docklands is the Docklands Light Railway. Its address and telephone number are as follows:-

Docklands Light Railway Limited
PO Box 154
Castor Lane
E14 0DX

Tel: 020 7987 9898
Fax: 020 7363 9708


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THE following organisations may also be able to help:

LDDC History Pages at  

London City Airport Consultative Committee at - this site contains useful historical and other material about the Royal Docks and about the part played by the Airport in the Docklands story. 

Canary Wharf Limited at - History Page. 

London Docklands Online at - about Docklands today.

Dockland Business Club at

The Royal Docks Management Authority (RODMA) at

The ExCeL Exhibition Centre at  

Newham Net at

The Docklands Campus of the University of East London at

The Museum in Docklands at

Maritime Britain at

TourEast London at

Leaside Regeneration at

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Olympic Joint Planning Authorities Team at

Island History Trust at

Newham Local History Library at

Tower Hamlets Local History Library at

East London History Society at

The Isle of Dogs Community Foundation at  

The Docklands Forum, 192 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HU, Tel: 020 7377 1822, Fax: 020 7247 5637

New Docklands Environment and Leisure (Tower Bridge) at

The Internet Geographer at

Tours of Docklands at

Thames Gateway Partnership at at

Rotherhithe, Surrey Docks, Surrey Quays, London SE16 at  

London's Industrial Heritage at

Gillian Burrows (Local Artist) at

AVP Multimedia publish for sale an integrated CR-ROM London Docklands commissioned by LDDC in 1997 - for more information go to - see Picturebase (Cross Curricular) page. AVP can be reached at

Al Howland at

Docklands Past and Present at

The Docklands: Revitalisierende Maßnahmen seit den 1970er Jahren at  

"Life in the Jungle" by Michael Heseltine (Hodder and Stoughton, 2000, ISBN 0 340 73915 0) - see especially pages 130,153, 200, 211-214, 380, 397-398 and 515 

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