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Trust Vision
The Trust's Objectives
How the Trust Works
Grants Programme
Winsor Park Management Company
SRB Partnership
Docklands Statue
Future Prospects
Trust People
Contact Address

*  There are links from this section to pages showing the plans for the new Kennard Community Learning Centre and pictures of the newly refurbished St. John's Community Centre


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The LDDC's Endowment
Grants Criteria/Objectives
The 2012/13 Programme

Grant Approvals1995/12 
Grants 2012/13
Minor Grants


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About the Area (Alt+6>Enter)

Massive change
Less Isolated
Economic Change
More change to come...
Facts and Figures
  ~ Location
  ~ Services and Facilities
  ~ Census Data


Royal Docks History (Alt+7>Enter)

Early History
The Docks
The Docklands Joint Committee
Enter the LDDC
Exit the LDDC
Enter the London Development Agency
More Information


Royal Docks - development update (Alt+8>Enter)

Completed Developments
~ Norton Healthcare

~ University of East
~ London
Regatta Centre
~ Britannia Village
~ ExCeL Exhibition Centre
~ Thames Barrier Park
In the Pipeline
~ Royals Business Park
~ Silvertown Dock
~ Albert Basin South
The 2012 Olympics
Transport Projects
More Information


About LDDC (Alt+9>Enter)

What was the LDDC?
The task

How well did LDDC succeed?
The Future
More Information?


Regeneration - links and contacts (Alt+0>Enter)

Successor Planning Authorities
English Partnerships
London Development Agency
Docklands Light Railway
Other  Sources


New Urban Development Corporation (Alt+P>Enter)


Watersports (Alt+Q>Enter

Royal Victoria Dock Watersports Centre
Peter Chilvers Windsurfing
Royal Docks Waterski Club
London Regatta Centre
JetSki Funcraft
Gallions Point Marina

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